Received July 6th- July 12th


Last week we didn’t get any new submissions, but this week three things came in the mail!

First, a collaborative work  from Ryosuke Cohen in Osaka, Japan:

From in Fresno, California:




And from Carlo Maria Giudici in Lecco, Italy, La Divina Commedia – Paradiso:



Thanks to all of you! We are still accepting submissions for our display until the end of August, so you still have plenty of time to send something to us. I will be on break from documenting submissions until the beginning of August, so if you mail something in the next two weeks, I will post it when I get back.
Spread the word…. mail art is lots of fun!



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  1. Jack

    I guess I missed this game altogether. What a great idea! Does she work in the library and they are having a contest. I love artwork. Some is so inspiring. A lot of good stuff is on the side of boxcars. I wish I could get in the yards and copy it.


  2. It’s not a contest, just a mail art call for an exhibit. You can find the details on the “About” page. I do work at this library. Thanks for your comment about it. – Jeanne


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