Received August 18th- 22nd


We had a great mail week here at Lackman Library! Our first card came from Connie Jean in Cocoa Beach, Florida. It features Frances, from Russell Hoban’s books for children, who is one of my favorite characters!

We also got three cards in an envelope from Meral Agar in Istanbul, Turkey. Each card is from a different artist so I will show you front and back from each card. Check out their blog: It has some really great pieces you don’t want to miss plus a photo of their own mail art display.
First, from Turkan Elci:
Next, from Oznur Kepce:
And the third, from Meral Agar:
Our next 5 pieces came from Moan Lisa , a prolific artist and member of IUOMA, the International Union of Mail Artists, where most of these contributors show and trade their work. Moan Lisa is from Iowa City, Iowa.
IMG_4576Moan Lisa, thank you for your generous contribution to our exhibit!

Our last feature for this week is from one of our own Johnson County Library employees, Terri Bostic, who is from Gardner, Kansas. Terri was one of our Lackman employees until just last week, when she was transferred to another branch. Her collage shows Lackman employees, both past and present, with a display of book titles including our names! Thanks, Terri~ we miss you, too!
If I receive more cards during the next few days, I’ll feature them in one more post, but next weekend the exhibit starts, so I will do a separate blog entry showing photos of the entire display. Thank you once again, everyone, for your participation!



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  1. Hello!
    I have sent you an envelope from Morocco on 23 June. I haven’t seen it on the blog, and I wonder if it have been lost in way… I hope it doesn’t! 😦


    • I checked last night and I haven’t seen it. I’ll keep looking and of course let you know as soon as I find it.
      It looks like the display will be rotating among other library branches after September, so even if it comes in later, there will be another chance to display it with the others.


      • Thanks for checking again.
        I hope it isn’t lost, just delayed… I hate when mail is lost in way (which happens a lot with mail art form Morocco, unluckily).
        Anyway, your project is really nice. I wish you a lot of mail and successful displays.


  2. Hello Eva, I am going to go through every single piece in the next two days so I will be sure to watch for it. I don’t recall getting one from Morocco, but I will let you know when I check. Thank you for letting me know.


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