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Received Aug. 25th- 27th


Three new ones in three days, and I know of two more still to come!
We received two from Jeff Newhook of Newfoundland. This first one includes the Chinese character for “Read.”


The second one was made to promote Johnson County Library’s Maker Space! Thank you, Jeff!

This next one is from Michelle Sherry, in Olathe, Kansas! It’s exciting to see work from Johnson County residents. Thank you, Michelle!


We started to work on the layout for the display pieces last night. They’re moving some of the  desks in our main  circulation area, so we plan to put the display out when they’ve finished playing musical chairs, hopefully Thursday evening.  Here’s a sneak peek at Sarah, my partner, putting some of the pieces on the framework:


I’ll plan on showing you the other items that arrive (in individual photos) as well as the entire exhibit when I post next Saturday!
Thanks again for your art!



Received August 10th- August 16th


We got two this week! Our first one is a photo from Shannon Lee Mannion of a “maverick” Little Free Library in Ottawa, Canada. (If you’re not familiar with Little Free Libraries, take a look at this link.  They’re getting to be quite popular!


IMG_4555 Awareness of Little Free Libraries has skyrocketed in the Johnson County, KS area recently due to the publicity about a  library built by a youngster in Leawood. City ordinances prohibit structures in front yards, but he’s received a temporary moratorium. http://www.kansascity.com/news/government-politics/article687562.html. I know I’ve gotten off-topic, but I like seeing pictures of these very much!

Our next card is from Linda Williams in Callao, Virginia:

IMG_4556Linda regularly makes art pieces using card catalog cards for a project called “Hide Some Art in a Book.” I’ve hidden several of her works in books at my own library, and it’s a fun way to share your creativity. Thank you, Linda!

We’re counting down to the deadline, now, but there are still two full weeks for you to mail in  your art!

Received August 3rd- Aug. 9th



Four cards came in the mail this week! This colorful card is from Sheila Wright, in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.



IMG_4546Thank you, Sheila!

The next three cards came from Sara Grob in Flauwil, Switzerland. Sara is one of my pen friends, and I have always admired her creativity.
Here’s her second:
IMG_4549IMG_4550And the third:
IMG_4551IMG_4552Many thanks, Sara!

We still have until August 29th to accept your submissions for the exhibit, so if you have something you’d like to contribute, send it along! (Check the About page for guidelines.) Also, if you’ve mailed something and not seen it on this page, leave me a comment and I’ll double check to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

Thanks again, and I hope you have a creative week!

Received July 6th- July 12th


Last week we didn’t get any new submissions, but this week three things came in the mail!

First, a collaborative work  from Ryosuke Cohen in Osaka, Japan:

From redni.com in Fresno, California:




And from Carlo Maria Giudici in Lecco, Italy, La Divina Commedia – Paradiso:



Thanks to all of you! We are still accepting submissions for our display until the end of August, so you still have plenty of time to send something to us. I will be on break from documenting submissions until the beginning of August, so if you mail something in the next two weeks, I will post it when I get back.
Spread the word…. mail art is lots of fun!


Received June 22- June 28


We received two lovely cards this week! The first one is titled “The Path” and it is the work of Sheila Evans from Ocala, Florida:



The next one is from Adrienne Mason in Tofino, British Columbia. Check out her blog, she’s got some lovely work there: http://toughcitywriter.blogspot.ca/



Thank you, Sheila and Adrienne!
Until next week,


Received June 1st-June 7th


A beautiful piece titled: “Remembering Pearl S. Buck”  from Carmela Rizzuto in Sunnyvale, CA. Thank you, Carmela!







From Silvano Pertone, another entry, entitled “Sea of Words.” Including a nice letter, an additional card, and a nice message on the other side:




Here’s a great card from Anne Braunschweig in Corrales, New Mexico (one of my favorite towns!) Thank you, Anne!



And from Pietro Romano Mataresse in Bari, Italy, a card made with lemon juice, titled “Flying Culture.” Pietro also sent us a cd, which we’ve enjoyed listening to in the circulation area here at Lackman. Thank you so much!

I also made a couple of pieces for my own entries, but I’ll post those next time. Thanks to everyone who contributed this week!

Jeanne at Lackman Library